Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's been a while!!!

I just realized how long it has been since I "blogged"! lol
We are doing well. My babies keep me busy and I havent been able to get on here in a while. If you follow me on Facebook, You will see that we have become world travellers!! :) We have a church in KY voting on us tomorrow. Please pray for God's will. Honestly, I am praying God says yes!!! We have been living with my inlaws since July, 2010. Even though we get along great, I am sure you understand that it is hard for 2 families to live in one house! I am very thankful that they have allowed us to stay here. They have really helped us over the past few months. Their love and support have been wonderful.

Abigail is doing great. She loves to stand and hold on to the couch, cabinet, chair, etc. But is very sensitive!!! :)
Alex is my big man! He is always saying something funny!!! I am "homeschooling" him as much as possible right now. He does alright. He just cant figure out which hand he wants to write with! lol
Aaron is my big teddy bear! He is on Singulair because his tonsils are too large for his age. A side affect is mood change... more edgy! He has his moments, but it hasnt affected him too bad. He is in his terrible 2's. But he is mommy's baby!!!

God has continued to provide for us since Stan lost his job in April 2009. God is truly a Faithful God!!

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